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Tricks to cutting vegetables
Using a very sharp knife, rest the second phalanges of your fingers against the knife. This should always push your fingers inward while you cut the vegetables. With practice, you’ll be able to gain speed.
Tricks to cleaning your utensils
Clean your cutting board by scraping the surface with the blade of a knife at least once a week. Then, rub it with lemon or wash it in water with baking soda. To clean your knives, avoid using extremely hot water, since this can make the knives less sharp.
Colorful food, healthy food
A colorful diet is a healthy diet. The colors of fruits and vegetables are what show us which vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants are present in our foods. Always look for a variety, and combine white, green, orange, yellow, red and purple.
Healthy and delicious food
A useful tip when cooking is to replace regular oil with nonstick oil in spray form. This makes a big difference in your food, making it a lot healthier and more delicious, all the while taking better care of your cooking tools.
Tips to selecting the wine
There are no rules to enjoying a nice wine, although experts suggest the following combinations: fish and seafood with dry white wine; for creams and desserts, sweet white wine; for grilled meat, softer red wine, and to accompany cheese, red wine.
Getting rid of difficult stains on clothing
For mud stains, try lemon juice with salt. Get rid of tea and coffee stains by rubbing them with glycerine. Say goodbye to wine stains when you scrub them with a cloth moistened with white wine; if the stain persists, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, water and ammonia.
Home remedies to unclog drains
A household remedy to clean the smallest obstructions is to use a mixture of baking powder and vinegar. Let the mixture settle for a few minutes. Then, add boiling water. This way, you’ll soften and unblock the drainage.
Tip for boiling your vegetables
Make sure your vegetables don’t lose their natural color by inserting them in ice water immediately after taking them out of the pot. If you’d like them to be softer, we recommend adding a teaspoon of olive oil to the water while they’re cooking.
Avoid cutting yourself with knives
Since the knife should be very sharp, make sure that the cutting board where you’re cutting isn’t slippery (with water or oil). The second rule is to make sure that the food product that you’re cutting is always laid correctly on the cutting board, and that your fingers are against the knife.
Get rid of the excess salt
If you accidentally put too much salt on your food, we recommend that you add a handful of toothpicks wrapped in thread to the water you’re using to cook the food. These will absorb the water, and along with it, the excess salt. Another option is to add a peeled potato cut in half to your stew or curry.
Freeze your food correctly
To preserve the flavor, texture and color of your foods, always store them in clean, airtight containers. A vacuum-packed system is ideal. If the food is cooked, let it cool at room temperature before storing it to avoid temperature changes that can affect its nutritional properties.
Equip your kitchen and save time
With our electro domestics, you’ll save lots of time and effort. What you can’t miss out on: mixer grinder, food processors, choppers, rice cookers and chai maker. Also, remember to equip your kitchen with different-sized pots and basic utensils.
Improve your biryani flavor
To impart more flavor to your biryani, add more onions and sauté it more in oil with some tomatoes.
Hygiene in the kitchen
Make sure you keep your kitchen in good shape by cleaning your refrigerator regularly, avoiding food that may be in bad shape, periodically defrosting your freezer, making sure your food is sanitary before storing it, and always cleaning your kitchen before and after cooking.
Tips for cutting cheese
To perfectly cut cold meat or cheese, run the knife under warm or hot water before cutting it.
How to avoid vegetables getting oxidized
To keep them cut for longer, you can place them in a container with cold water and some drops of lemon; this way, when you serve them, they’ll look fresher and more appetizing. For the eggplant, before you cut it, prepare a bowl of water with a tablespoon of milk. Cut the eggplant and add it to the milky water. The eggplant will not turn black.
Storing your herbs and spices
In order for your spices to always conserve their flavor, try to store them in closed containers, but in a dark and cool place, since heat and excess of light dry them out, diminishing their flavor and nutritional properties.
Be a better cook
The number one rule to be a better cook is to organize your work space: well-lit, clutter-free, kitchen instruments (knives, spoons) close by; garbage can at arm’s reach and have all the ingredients ready before your start cooking.